She Reads Truth | Soul Detox | Day 18

Today’s Scripture: Psalm 91:1-16

Today’s Reading:

What you fear reveals what you value the most. What you fear reveals where you trust God the least.

What things are you not trusting God with that you need to?




Fear reveals what we value, What we value reveals what we worship.

Anything we worship that isn’t God is idolatry.

And boy am I an idolator.


Yes It’s okay to care about things.  But do they replace God. Are they where we put our faith/security?
Yes it’s okay to have a healthy fear of things. Like a healthy fear/realization of your choices and consequences


Ultimately (in everything) It comes down to balance.
To find balance and choose our battles.
I would say a good balance is probably what things hinder you from giving/serving and what things help you. Anything can be good or bad, you can care too much or too little. You can worry too much or not enough.

As explained before I freak out about finances which is not okay, but it also wouldn’t be okay to just ignore them either. Stewardship is talked about in the Bible many times and can not be ignored. Stewardship of time, money etc. I have to learn a balance. Not learning to say “no” and overextending/committing yourself can be a burden to you or hurtful to others when you have to bail, etc.

Another response to fears and anxiety is ignoring them. I just have at points in my own life (and witnessing in others) adopted a “care free” attitude as an actual overcompensating for caring too much. Instead of dealing with things honestly, we suppress things that cause worry and fear and replace it with “I don’t care/it doesn’t matter”. These suppressed things rot away unnoticed until they take over, many times “out of nowhere”. Dealing with things head on can free us up to enjoy the ‘meaningful’ things in life to a longer and larger capacity than we could have other wise.


Balance  =  Freedom

Freedom from fears, freedom from bondage, freedom to truly live.



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