She Reads Truth | Soul Detox | Day 15

Today’s Scripture: Psalm 27:1-14

Today’s Reading: We are often paralyzed with irrational fear that something may happen. Rather than living by faith, we live by fear. These toxic fears can cripple our lives and rob us of our joy. This week you will read what God’s Word says about toxic fears and how we should face them.

How have you seen your toxic fears influence your actions and thoughts?


Anxiety runs genetically in my family. And by genetically I really mean spiritually through the generations. My great grandma was a case (although she was hilarious and I loved her she just WORRIED about everything, you could see concern about something in her eyes always.) My grandma and my mom are the same and so naturally I just am anxious.

My sophomore year in high-school on my way to winter homecoming I was a nervous wreck. The typically feelings of “am I pretty do I look fat in my dress, will my crush notice me, etc.” This was a new school and this was the first event like this with new people and I was mostly worried about being alone. My dad on the drive there simply said “Leslie, what’s the absolute WORST thing that can happen?” After I responded he said “Now you’re prepared for everything”.  This is probably silly and simple, but it worked for me.

When I get all worked up I think “What’s the worst that could happen?” I give it to God and pray for his grace, preparation and strength to the worst case scenario and anything in between. Silly maybe, but it helps calm me down before I go from anxious to freak out.

Although, freak out happens more often than I’d like to admit.


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