She Reads Truth | Soul Detox | Day 14

Today’s Scripture: Mark 11:12-25

Today’s Reading: Not only should we speak life-giving words to others, but we should also speak them to our circumstances and ourselves. The toxic words we speak to ourselves can be some of the most dangerous.

What types of toxic words are you saying to yourself? What steps do you need to take to stop saying these toxic words to yourself?



A recent situation brings to mind the toxic fears that over come me whenever financial situations arise. An inconvenient charge/fee or an unexpected charge makes me go from  zero to “we’re never going to get out of debt and going to be homeless” in about .5 seconds.

Finances are my #1 freakout and cause fear, which means this is the biggest area of false security/idol for me. Between Jesus and my amazing Husband I’m learning the balance the “be a good steward” with “trust the Lord”. I let ‘stewarding’ money rob me of my joy, which frustrates husband who is learning the growing pains of budgeting that can create tension between us. Satan is going to destroy us and our marriages however he can. We have to recognize the sources of these fears so we can see the eventual consequences if we don’t learn to trust God and put him first.


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