#18 Use a Bible Reading Plan

I heard once that the person who’s Bible is falling apart probably means that the person isn’t [falling apart]. This simple phrase has stuck with me, especially in the times that are difficult. Whenever we lean on truth there’s an endurance that gets you through different hurdles.

I am horrible at reading my bible consistently. I use a bible app on my iPhone that has a reading plan and try to be good at reading that, but lets just be honest, it’s usually at least a week that’s gone by each time I remember to launch the reading plan. I wish it was as easy to pick up the Bible as it is any of the other 100’s of books that I have. Even though many of my books are non-fiction christian authors I need the Bible to use as my foundation of truth by which everything else (books included) are filtered through.

Any recommended Reading Plans, both for individuals and for [newly] married couples?