#15 Recharge Your Spiritual Batteries

The time lapse between the last post and this one should serve as proof of how busy this season in my life is. But it’s a different busy. I’m loving life, I’m living life, I’m enjoying time alone, time with family, time with friends, time with my co-workers and the people that I get to help on a daily basis.

When I think “recharge”, what comes to mind is stopping.

Coming to a complete halt and resting in solitude.

Although this may be ideal it’s usually not very realistic. Lately I’ve experienced a ‘recharge’ that has come out of a whirlwind. I look back on all the changes in the last 3.5months and just the stark contrast is enough to give me more energy.

Last week and today I saw faces from people that were a part of what I’m going to references as “before”. Both faces were great to see, not only because they belong to wonderful people, but it served as a reminder of where the LORD has brought me in the last few months, and the situations he has saved me from, and the new opportunities and people that now are a huge part of each day and life here in Nashville.

Sometimes for me a recharge comes in the form of a reminder. Hopefully in the business of life, (esp. when we can’t take a ‘stay-cation’ and chill for a bit) we can recognize the reminders of the grace, love, and provision that the LORD gives us and find energy and a spiritual refresher in that.

Thank you, Jesus!


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