more than just coffee.

Today I am at CREMA, my favorite coffee shop in Nashville editing photos from a recent shoot. When I arrived, there was a table full of women right out of earshot, thankfully too because more than likely my curiosity would have taken over and I would have felt guilty for eavesdropping. From what I could tell they were all married, and one of the women was emotional while the rest of them were listening and comforting her. It was an intriguing/great interaction to watch. Usually, the females I have observed interact with each other (at least at Nashville coffee shops), are loud, very aware of their surroundings, and never seem involved enough in conversation to be talking about anything substantial.

This is not a cut on the female sex at all, just an observation on the human relationships, or rather the lack thereof. It isn’t until you have a REAL friend, a true friend that puts up with you, but doesn’t put up with your crap. To extend the grace you don’t deserve, and love you when you are unlovable. To fight for you, protect you, defend you, and trust your intentions even if you aren’t trusting theirs. To teach you by example while you realize daily how horrible of a friend you are and how much you have to learn. To hold you accountable and push you towards the LORD and expect the same from you in return. Not just to grab coffee with and chit chat and goof off, but to know, almost by instinct that something is wrong when you don’t want to talk about it and are trying to just deal with it and push forward.

I want to be this friend.
I want to be this friend to the people who are this friend for me.

Right before the women left the coffee shop one of my best friends walked through the door to join me. I hope/pray that in the upcoming years the friendships I have invested in with continue to grow together while we continue to get married and start families and that we will continue to walk all journeys of life together. I want our coffee dates to be more than just a “get together” to keep in touch as our lives move in more opposite directions, but a fellowship gathering to keep each other sane and strong through the circumstances that life is bringing our way.


#15 Recharge Your Spiritual Batteries

The time lapse between the last post and this one should serve as proof of how busy this season in my life is. But it’s a different busy. I’m loving life, I’m living life, I’m enjoying time alone, time with family, time with friends, time with my co-workers and the people that I get to help on a daily basis.

When I think “recharge”, what comes to mind is stopping.

Coming to a complete halt and resting in solitude.

Although this may be ideal it’s usually not very realistic. Lately I’ve experienced a ‘recharge’ that has come out of a whirlwind. I look back on all the changes in the last 3.5months and just the stark contrast is enough to give me more energy.

Last week and today I saw faces from people that were a part of what I’m going to references as “before”. Both faces were great to see, not only because they belong to wonderful people, but it served as a reminder of where the LORD has brought me in the last few months, and the situations he has saved me from, and the new opportunities and people that now are a huge part of each day and life here in Nashville.

Sometimes for me a recharge comes in the form of a reminder. Hopefully in the business of life, (esp. when we can’t take a ‘stay-cation’ and chill for a bit) we can recognize the reminders of the grace, love, and provision that the LORD gives us and find energy and a spiritual refresher in that.

Thank you, Jesus!