better together

CONFESSION: I love movies. Especially old ones.

Growing up we would always watch Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis movies. They eventually split up and I remained a loyal fan. This past week I have watched a few of their movies from after they ‘broke up’, and I hate to admit that I’m TERRIBLY disappointed in Jerry. I loved him as a child, we called him ‘the funny man’. Unfortunately as the lead role, he’s obnoxious not funny. This is the hard reality I have had to come to terms with, and I still don’t like it.

Even though they continued in successful careers of their own (more so for Martin than for Lewis), it’s unfortunate to think of all that their feud prevented for them together.

What a great team they were.


I am washed by the water

As I’ve begun my day at work, I find myself continuously repeating this song.

This season of my life that I’ve continually been in has been exhausting to say the least. My thoughts and my mood and my words have had to be continually in check. I’ve been relying on myself to keep them in check, which is an automatic fail.

I (as everyone) have had very dark seasons in my spiritual journey, and this is not one of those dark times, just an exhausted time. Defenses are down and truth-coated-lies from the enemy are not easily warned off.

Spirit-filled songs like this, the people around me that [I fail to realize or believe] love me are being an encouragement to me, and the contrast of the dark times I have previously walked help to remain at peace and hopeful.